M.A Psychological Counselor - Family and Marriage Therapist - Psychotherapist
Uzm. Psk. Dan. - Aile ve Evlilik Terapisti - Psikoterapist

She graduated from Notre Dame de Sion French School. She completed her undergraduate degree at Bosphorus University in Guidance and Counseling and had her graduate degree in the same university.

After her first job at Bosphorus University as the head of the “Early Childhood Learning Center”, she started working as an educational consultant in different schools like Enka Schools, Hisar Eğitim Vakfı Schools and ALEV.

Between 2001 and 2008, she worked as a part time instructor at Bosphorus University, Department of Education.

Trained as a family and marriage therapist (Eoropean Family Therapy Association), she also had training in Transactional Anlaysis, Premarital Counseling and worked with different professionals in the field about divorce and stepfamily foundation.

She is working with individuals, families and couples in her office.

Member of Turkish Transactional Analysis and Turkish Family and Marriage Therapy Association, she also has a book about divorce and stepfamily foundation.

0212 351 10 10
Zeytinoğlu Cad. Dekor Apt.
D Blok No. 27/2 Akatlar, Etiler